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Great Flooring Company in Bucks County

I have bought an early Christmas gift for myself and the family...Well more for me!  I have been toying with the idea of getting a new kitchen floor and then began searching for the best carpet and flooring in bucks county.  I do live in Bucks County so that's why this article is about Bucks County.

I found the Best

In searching I had come across a few interesting styles of flooring and they are as followed:

  1. Cork Board Floor : I linked to a great resource about this flooring.
  2. Tile Flooring: Which everyone knows is probably one the most popular floor easy clean reasons
  3. Hardwood Flooring:  This is another great style and easy cleaning solutions
  4. Laminate: Which I like for cleaning but feels cheap to me

I have these different types in my cross hairs and now I have to use Pinterest to figure out what designs and styles within these solutions I like.  I love Pinterest for this part of my research as many people post(pin) some of the best Ideas. So i made a board with my top ideas and started designing! Happy times!

Next...I had my obvious design ideas in place and need to find a great company. I found Olden Carpet and Flooring of Bucks County.  Awesome customer service and they do Custom! I enjoyed their show rooms and they have 2.  The staff is very knowledgeable and helped keep be in budget but with my design style in mind. We settle in the cork flooring as it has the warm feel and it looks like hardwood any way. Its also very soft and inviting.

These guys are true professional and they came out to my home and even helped me move a few things.

All said and done...I have a new cork floor kitchen and couldn't be more happy


How to Protect floor and move Furniture easily with Glides



To continue from our previous are some more tips about selecting the right flooring for different parts of your home. In addition to Tile and Vinyl being good options for flooring, especially for you kitchen, Hardwood is an increasingly popular kitchen choice too. The major benefits of hardwood are that it looks good, you can clean the spills easily and quickly, and it does not stain (at least not easily). On the downside, it is not as waterproof or durable as tile, but can add value to your home by enhancing the look of your kitchen. Another good option for flooring is laminate. One of the best things about laminate is that it is manufactured to look like real wood but in fact it is more resistant to scratches and dents.


For flooring in your living room, the key concern here is not moisture, but rather durability and comfort.  For this reason, carpet is a popular choice for most home owners, as carpet is soft, warm, and inviting. One of the major benefits of installing carpets is that it is easy to install over all sub floor types. On the other hand, it does not resist all stains and so may need to be periodically steam cleaned.


There are some hardwood alternatives, such as engineered wood or laminate floors that are also good options for people to use as flooring in their homes.  Engineered wood is made of a fibre board core with a hardwood veneer face.  It keeps the look of natural wood but is longer lasting than hardwood. The bathroom won’t see as much traffic as the kitchen or living room, but it still needs to strike a balance between utility and beauty. By taking the time to consider how your room will be used, the budget and installation time you have available, you can choose the perfect flooring style for every room in your house.